The hair & beauty industry’s measure of excellence

Described by many as the Michelin Stars of the Hair & Beauty Industry

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Welcome to PHAB Service Stars

PHAB Service Stars are a benchmark for excellence in performance and service standards within the hair, beauty, nails, barbering, wellness and spa industries. 

They are only awarded to applicants who qualify based on performance and service results evidence and passing our verification processes. 

A fair and independent ranking and recognition of successful practitioners in the personal care industry. 

Described by many as the Michelin Stars equivalent in beauty. A guide for British and Irish consumers to identify the BEST salon and spa professionals. 

(PHAB, Performance in Hair and Beauty is pronounced Fab.)

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In the spotlight this week
Francesca Apostoli
Hairdresser at Sean Taaffe, Killarney Co.Kerry
Francesca Apostoli

I’ve been hairdressing for almost 15 years, I’ve completed my 4years hairdressing college in Italy. I’ve been living in Ireland for 10 years and I’ve been working with ST TEAM where I trained with ...

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