About PHAB

Essentially, PHAB Service Stars provides benefits for consumers, hair & beauty professionals and salon owners

Benefits to Consumers:

PHAB Service Stars gives consumers guidance for choosing the BEST hair, beauty, barbering, nail, spa and wellness professionals, as vetted by industry experts.

Benefits to Hair & Beauty Professionals:

PHAB Service Stars gives salon, spa and barbering professionals elevated status and a measurable benchmark for their superior performance whilst helping their career progression. 

Benefits to Hair & Beauty Business Owners:

PHAB Service Stars gives salon, spa and barbershop owners a fair and independent process to recognise and reward talent and productivity amongst their teams, as well as guidance for recruiting the best professionals, based on their performance and service results.

Finally, a way to measure excellence in the personal care industry is here!

Described by many as the Michelin Stars equivalent in beauty.

A PHAB Service Star cannot be bought, you must qualify for it.

About the Founder & CEO of PHAB Service Stars

Nergish Wadia-Austin is a highly regarded, international hair, beauty, spa and wellness industry expert. Nergish has been part of this vibrant industry for over 40 years, travelling around the world consulting, training and speaking publicly at many of the world’s major industry events. Based in London, UK, she offers her training and services to the best salons, spas and barbershops via her website, hairandbeautyexpert.com.

Nergish Wadia-Austin

“Every industry has a standard… restaurants have Michelin ratings and hotels have AA or RAC Stars. We think it’s time salon and spa professionals had their own standard too. Hairdressers, colourists, barbers, therapists and nail technicians, all demonstrate excellent levels of performance day in and day out in a highly creative customer-facing industry. Many are way better than just average, but to date, there’s never been a way of proving this to consumers, employers or simply themselves.

"Well that’s all changed now, with the introduction of PHAB Service Stars!

"A PHAB Service Star is awarded by measuring a combination of customer count, repeat customer visits and retail sales. Other measures include customer testimonials, management confirmations, hygiene and environmental best practise. 
Being equipped with a PHAB Service Star is a great way of evidencing professionalism - very helpful to consumers when choosing a new hair and beauty professional and a great aid to business owners recruiting new staff or considering promotions.

"Our advisory board of industry experts who guide the PHAB Service Stars are put into place to ensure quality selection criteria meets their high standards. I believe that as industry standards improve, so will the performance level expectations in order to qualify for a PHAB Service Star. Annual renewals ensure that no professional can rest on their laurels.”

Nergish Wadia-Austin, Founder & CEO of PHAB Service Stars

Company Director: Xarius Austin

Xarius Austin, Company Director, PHAB Service Stars

This website is dedicated to the Late Jahangir E. Austin, Co-Founder of PHAB Standard Limited.